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Keywords: remote sensing, pan-sharpening, asbestos, machine learning Abstract Identification of roofing material is an important issue in the urban environment due to hazardous and risky materials. We applied a three- and a six-class approach red tile, brown tile and asbestos; then dividing the data into shadowed and sunny roof parts.

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Furthermore, prostatitis a pásztorban applied pan-sharpening to the image. Our aim was to reveal the efficiency of the classifiers with a different number of classes and the efficiency of pan-sharpening. We found that all classifiers were efficient in roofing material identification with the classes involved, and the overall accuracy was above 85 per cent.

The best results were gained by RF, both with three and with six classes; however, quadratic DFA was also successful in the classification of three classes. Usually, linear DFA performed the worst, but only relatively so, given that the result was 85 per cent.

prostatitis a pásztorban

Asbestos was identified successfully with all classifiers. The results can be used by local parot a prosztatitis for roof mapping to build registers of buildings at risk. Roofing material determination with hyperspectral data. Allen, C. A global quality measurement of pansharpened multispectral imagery. Extracting water-related features using reflectance data and principal component analysis of Landsat images.

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prostatitis a pásztorban

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Krónikus prosztatagyulladás ajánlások, Krónikus prosztatagyulladás kezelése — Istenhegyi Klinika A prostatitis kezelő orvosok ajánlásai Mi a teendő akkor, ha a gyógyszeres kezelés akár évek múltán sem hozott eredményt? Mikor beszélünk krónikus prosztatagyulladásról? Mit kell tudni a prosztatagyulladásról? Prosztatagyulladás: így enyhíthetőek gyorsan a tünetek Férfiak, akik gyógyították a prosztatagyulladást. A prosztatagyulladás tünetei A prosztatagyulladás tünetei BENU Gyógyszertárak Ajánlások azok számára, akik gyógyították a prosztatagyulladást Azok számára, akik ebben érintettek, a megoldást az életmódváltás jelentheti.

Pattern Recognition Lecture Notes in Computer Science Multi-sensor image fusion for pansharpening in remote sensing. International Journal of Image and Data Fusion 1. Enyedi, P. EüM-KöM decree on the limitations of the activities with dangerous materials and products.

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prostatitis a pásztorban

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prostatitis a pásztorban

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prostatitis a pásztorban

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