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    Pituitary adenoma xenografts were generated in immunocompromised mice.

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    ASA decreased proliferation but did not induce apoptosis in pituitary cells. Inhibition of survivin using an inhibitor or siRNA-mediated silencing reversed the ASA-induced growth inhibition partially. We concluded that ASA inhibited the growth of pituitary adenoma cells.

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    Survivin inhibition is a key mechanism explaining its antineoplastic effects. Beside cell cycle alterations, inhibition of apoptosis is also a potential mechanism leading to tumorigenesis in pituitary adenomas. Proteomic studies also suggest deranged apoptosis in pituitary adenomas [ 7 ].

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    Survivin, a member of inhibitor of apoptosis protein IAP family, plays a role in both apoptosis inhibition and cell cycle regulation, although the mechanism of its action has not been clarified. Elevated survivin expression is present in a variety of cancers [ 8 ] and its expression correlates with aggressiveness and poor survival [ 910 ].

    Thus, survivin is considered as a potential prostate cancer institute youtube in cancer therapies [ 11 ].

    A nők alacsony száma a férfiakhoz viszonyítva arra utal, hogy endokrin tényezők is szerepet játszhatnak a daganat kialakulásában.

    However, little is known about the role of survivin in pituitary tumors. In a recent paper published while our work was in final preparations, the authors showed that survivin associated with invasiveness of pituitary adenomas [ 1012 ].

    As survivin is suppressed by acetylsalicylic acid ASAan agent used as chemoprevention for colorectal cancer [ 1314 ], we studied the therapeutic potential of ASA in pituitary tumours, and assess its potential effects on survivin.

    We hypothesized that ASA might affect various cellular processes through survivin, that could lead to reduced growth and beneficial overall effects. Now, we extended this study to GH-producing adenomas with 12 samples and we found that survivin mRNA was overexpressed compared to normal pituitary fold change: 4.

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    No cytoplasmic staining was observed. Analyzing moderate and strong positivity we found that

    Department of Molecular Immunology and Toxicology MITO Prostate cancer institute calgary Alberta's Center of Excellence for Nutrition in Digestive Diseases Ascend is dedicated to generating new discoveries regarding the link between nutrition and digestive diseases and mobilizing existing research to change the way physicians treat conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, cirrhosis and intestinal failure. Ascend is a collaboration of excellence within the Department of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology at both the University of Calgary and University of Alberta. Raman, PI, is the Director of Ascend. One of Ascend's primary initiatives is the development of a digital health platform for patients living with both Prostate cancer institute youtube disease CD and Ulcerative colitis UC.